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“Every morning I sit down in my home-office and spend an hour or two helping other dog lovers take better care of their four-legged associates. Nothing beats knowing that what I do has helped someone else… and their dog. When I get a comment saying “thanks…” it makes my day.” Richie S.

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What's that dog with the wrinkly muzzle, curly tail, and the smile that's impossible to resist? It's the pug!Follow this blog and discover the best way to introduce a new puppy into your home, how to feed a well-balanced diet, keep your dog in good physical shape, and a lot more. We’ve got reviews on toys and training treats to beds, and accessories.

Pugs are famous for being caught red handed in tricky situations. They give you that "I think I've made a mistake" look and you just can't help wonder how in the world they got themselves thereThose little pink tongues are their biggest weapons. A pug will lick an entire bowl of food clean- and then reward you thank you for feeding them by smothering you with kisses. More On About...