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How To Recognize And Treat Pug Dog Allergies

pug dog allergies

Hello everybody and welcome. Today I am taking a look at how to recognize and treat Pug dog allergies. There are three main causes of allergies. The food allergy, flea bite or insect allergy and the airborne allergies. If your little Pug is coughing, sneezing or wheezing pay close attention. Your little dog may be […]

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Understanding Pug Dog Behavior

pug dog behavior

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog. Today we will be looking at pug dog behavior. If you are ever feeling down a pug is the perfect solution for lifting your mood! Their limitless enthusiasm is definitely contagious.  I mean who could stay upset when faced with a bright-eyed companion overflowing with happiness like this […]

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5 Sure Ways To Increase Your Pugs Life Expectancy

pugs life expectancy

Hi everyone thanks for visiting the blog. A pugs life expectancy is 12 to 14 years. With the correct care and attention adorable little dogs can each the 16 to 17 year mark. I have experienced first hand how sad it can be to watch a little friend age. For every Pug owner there will […]

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Sure Ways To Stop Pugs Snatching Treats

sure ways to stop pugs snatching treats.

Hey, Thanks for visiting the blog today! Lets take a look at sure ways to stop pugs snatching treats. Pugs are eager observers,ingenious opportunists and food hogs. When your pug is faced with the opportunity to sneak a snack,he asks himself “how much do I need this snack?” Food is a valuable resource, so the […]

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Living With Pugs – What The Hand Books Don’t Tell You

living with pugs

Hello, everybody and welcome to the blog.Today for anyone thinking of getting a new puppy I will be looking at living with pugs. People quite often go out and acquire a Pug, only to discover later it’s not the dog for them. These dogs can be bossy, stubborn, and naughty. People living with pugs soon […]

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Potty Training Pug Puppies – 12 Steps

Potty Training Pug Puppies

Hello, everyone. Thanks for all your amazing feedback you are an inspiration! Today I am going to give you 12 steps to potty training Pug puppies. I am often asked ” Is it difficult to potty train pug puppies?” Well It should not be and it’s not. Is This A Typical Morning With Your Pug? […]

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Become Your Pug Dogs Alpha Leader

  Hey Everybody If you don’t become your pug dogs alpha leader the dog might exhibit some troubling behaviors like guarding furniture or other things in the house. Pugs are actually really good dogs for apartment living however, they are not easy to train. Here are a few tips that you will find useful. Pugs are […]

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Why Does My Pug Want To Lick Me?

why does my pug want to lick me

Hello everyone thanks for visiting.Perhaps you are wondering ” why does my Pug want to lick me? “ Many of us might find pug puppies licking a little disturbing. Our tongues are useful for eating ice-cream or licking icing sugar out of the bowl.We are not inclined to greet a guest with a long lingering […]

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How To House Train A New Pug Puppy

how to house train a new pug puppy.

Hi Everyone lets take a look at how to house train a new pug puppy. House training puppies is a favorite search over most search engines nowadays. I can promise that house training a Pug puppy will involve a few headaches.Brace yourself for a rough and rocky relationship with your cheerful little Pug. Although they look […]

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A Short History Of The Pug Breed

history of the pug breed.

Hey, everyone. Lets take a look at the history of the pug breed. The pug dog has the most lovable and expressive face found on any breed of dog. With those almost impossibly large bright eyes and a button for a nose, the pug’s mug seems to simultaneously express that it has the weight of […]

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Choosing The Best Food For Pug Puppies

the best food for pug puppies

  Hello, everybody. Lets take a look at choosing the best food for pug puppies. Think long and hard before you feed your Pug commercial dog food from your supermarket.If you feed the wrong Pug puppy food it could harm her. In extreme cases your little friend could die young. We gave Gizmo his usual […]

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Help! – My Adolescent Pugs Behaving Badly

Adolescent pugs behaving badly.

Hi everyone how many times have I heard ” Help! My Adolescent pugs behaving badly. Pugs also go through their teenage years (thankfully over in months, not years). When your little friend is aged about six months, just when you’re finished congratulating yourself that your brand new family member has settled in comfortably and has […]

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