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Best Toys For Bored Pug Puppies? My Personal Favorites

best toys for bored pug puppies

​Hi everyone today I am going to look at the best toys for bored pug puppies. I will give you my favorites.You’re home after a tiring day at the job. You’ve stood all day, and now you are looking forward to relaxing in a pair of slippers. You look for your slippers, only to find […]

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Understanding Pug Behavior – Living With Pugs

Teaching your pug puppy to sit

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog. Today we will be looking at pug behavior.If you are ever feeling down a pug is the perfect solution for lifting your mood! Their limitless enthusiasm is definitely contagious. I mean who could stay upset when faced with a bright-eyed companion overflowing with happiness like this little pug?I […]

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Teaching A Pug Puppy To Stay – 5 Easy Steps

teaching pug puppy stay

​What’s Up Dude?Hi, everyone. We’ve been covering basic training in the last few posts so please join if you are interested.Teaching A Pug Puppy To Stay may well be a bit more difficult than other commands because your Pug will naturally want to follow you when you walk away from him. Quick Navigation Teaching A […]

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Easy Ways To Treat Pug Anxiety Disorders

treat pug anxiety disorders

​Hi, Everyone. This post is all about how to treat pug anxiety disorders.Pugs are often called “Shadow Dogs”. They have a tendency to follow their owners around. They just have to be part of the action.The problem is that some Pugs come to over rely on their owners for emotional support. These dogs can become […]

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7 Clever Ways To Cure Your Pugs Stinky Breath

cure your pugs stinky breath

​Hello, Everyone.Nothing ruins a cuddle with your dog like a sudden blast of halitosis.Today I’m going to explain the cause of bad breath in dogs. We will then look at 7 clever ways to can cure your pug’s stinky breath.Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs are the prone to periodontal and other mouth diseases, largely because their […]

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My Pug Puppy Cries At Night – Will Crate Training Help?

pug puppies cry at night

​Hey, everyone. Thanks for all those lovely comments I really like hearing from you. Please keep them coming. Just last week our friends Wesley and Prim came over complaining that their Pug puppy cries at night. Pug puppies that have just left the litter often cry at night.They are crying frightened, lonesome and having problems […]

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How To Keep Your Pug From Drowning This Summer

keep pugs from drowning

​Hi Everyone, today were talking about how to keep your pug from drowning this summer.A dog pool ramp or set of dog pool steps could be a life saver for your pug if you have a swimming pool.According to the American Pet Association around 45,000 pets die in drowning accidents every year. The swimming pool […]

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How Do I Deal With A Jealous Pug?

how do i deal with a jealous pug

​Hi, everyone thanks for joining.The other day a pal of mine was asking “how do I deal with a jealous pug?”Jealousy can be the result of a new relationship, a baby or when there is any other change in your routine which takes your attention away from your Pug. Quick Navigation How Can I Know […]

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Choosing The Best Food For Pug Puppies

The Best Food For Pug Puppies

​Hello, Everybody. I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! Let’s take a look at choosing the best food for pug puppies.Think long and hard before you feed your Pug commercial dog food from your supermarket. If you feed the wrong […]

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5 Sure Ways To Increase Your Pugs Life Expectancy

pugs life expectancy

​Hi Everyone thanks for visiting the blog. A pugs life expectancy is 12 to 14 years. With the correct care and attention, adorable little dogs can each the 16 to 17-year mark.I have experienced first hand how sad it can be to watch a little friend age. For every Pug owner, there will come a […]

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Teaching Your Pug To Come When You Call – 4 Easy Steps

potty training pug puppies

​Hi, all. Lets talk about teaching your pug to come when you call.Calling your Pug puppy and getting him to come to you may seem a relatively easy thing to do. You simply call the dog’s name and he comes running over. You give him a delicious treat and that’s all there is to it?I […]

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Why Does My Pug Want To Lick Me?

why does my pug want to lick me

​Love You Love YouHello Everyone thanks for visiting.Perhaps you are wondering ” why does my Pug want to lick me? “Many of us might find pug puppies licking a little disturbing. Our tongues are useful for eating ice-cream or licking icing sugar out of the bowl.We are not inclined to greet a guest with a […]

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