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Teaching Your Pug Puppy To Drop It And Leave It

Teaching your pug puppy to drop it and leave it

​Teaching your pug puppy to DROP IT and LEAVE IT can prove to be very valuable. You will have a lot less chewed or slobbered on belongings, and prevent your puppy chewing or swallowing toxic stuff.You may be able to prevent resource guarding altogether by turning the entire experience into a game.Teaching your pug puppy […]

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Pug Dogs Love A Dog House – Here’s Why

​Hi, all thanks for visiting the blog. If you have made up your mind to treat your little pug to a new home of his own in the backyard there are different models and designs to go with. Pug dogs love a dog house.There’s nothing like an invigorating run in the sun! Our pugs love […]

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Why Neutering Your Pug Is A Good Idea

neutering your male pug

​Hey, everybody. Lots of people believe that neutering your Pug will be unkind or painful for the dog.Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits that come with having your Pug neutered.7 Good Reasons For Neutering1.0 Neutering Will Not Hurt Your DogNeutering does not hurt your dog!If […]

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The Best Dog Food For Pugs – A Definitive Guide

best dog food for Pugs

​​Hello, everyone. People often want to know what I think is the best dog food for Pugs. There are several of really good alternatives as well as a few shockers so I tend to duck the question.​Today I’m going to lay it all out and let you have my recommendation for the best dog food […]

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Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit – 4 Easy Steps

teaching pug puppy sit

​Hi Everyone thanks for visiting your blog.Take your pug to a quiet area so that there will be no disturbances. Once you’ve got her paying attention you can get started teaching a Pug puppy to sit.Sit is one easiest commands to teach your little Pug.All The Steps For Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit1. Take […]

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How to Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader – 5 Easy Steps

become your pugs alpha leader

​Thank you for visiting our site.Today we are discussing how to become your pugs alpha leader. Your Pug refuses to go into his crate? Runs away when you call? You just discovered a puddle or maybe some thing even worse. Percy ‘s got you chasing about like a headless chicken?Pugs are pack animals. This means […]

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Choosing Dog Apparel- Does Clothing Make The Pug?

choosing dog apparel

​Hey, everyone. You know Pug owners are a unique lot. In addition to being passionate about their small grunting associates, they also seem to have a further fixation – they love choosing dog apparel.Does clothing make the Pug?These folk certainly think so!Encouraged by the ever-growing number of people with dogs, designers create designer outfits and […]

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Potty Training Pug Puppies – 12 Easy Steps

potty training pug puppies

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for all your amazing feedback you are an inspiration! Today I am going to give you 12 steps to potty training Pug puppies.I am often asked, ” Is it difficult to potty train pug puppies?” Well, It should not be and it’s not. Quick Navigation Is This A Typical Morning With Your […]

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Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

feeding your pugs table snacks

​Hi, Everyone. Today I want to explain why there’s nothing wrong with feeding your Pug table scraps.Everybody feeds their dogs table scraps at one time or another. Dog owners find it impossible to resist dropping a morsel or two when they see those cute little eyes staring at them from beneath the table. Quick Navigation […]

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Help! – My Adolescent Pugs Behaving Badly

Teaching your pug puppy to drop it and leave it

​Hi Everyone how many times have I heard ” Help! My Adolescent pugs behaving badly.Pugs also go through their teenage years (thankfully over in months, not years).When your little friend about six months old, just when you’re finished congratulating yourself that your brand new family member has settled in comfortably and has stopped gnawing everything […]

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Join The Best Dog Training Membership Site For Pug Owners

best dog training membership site for Pugs owners

​Hello, everyone. Thanks for all your opinion on the recent posts. Today I will be introducing what I believe is the best dog training membership site for Pugs owners.If you’ve ever searched online for helpful dog training you will know there’s a lot of products available today. The unfortunate thing is that people still find […]

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Sure Fire Ways To Stop Pugs Eating Poop!

stop pugs eating poop

​Hi, everyone thanks for dropping by.Today I am going to talk about sure fire ways to stop pugs eating poop.Pugs do a lot of fascinating and comical things. Most of the wacky things they do are cute but not all of them.One of these is eating poop. Quick Navigation Give Us A Kiss!Why Is My […]

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