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Spaying Female Pugs – Why Should You Spay?


​Hi, everybody.The most effective way for owners to avoid undesired pregnancy is by spaying female Pugs. Countless numbers of dogs are left at the SPCA or rescues every year. Many of these animals are the result of unwanted pregnancies.Dog rescues find themselves with more dogs than they can possibly find homes for.People are often reluctant to […]

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Get The Best Leash For Your Pug

become your pugs alpha leadert

​Hi all, I thought you might find scrolling the web looking for the best leash for your pug a little overwhelming.To help you make the best decision for your little dog I decided to highlight a few of the most common types.Having control over your dog on your walks is essential for a happy dog […]

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6 Helpful Tips For Bathing Pug Puppies

tips for bathing pug puppies

​Hi, everyone.I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! You can probably tell, she’s not a fan of bath time, but she puts up with it for the treats that come afterwards. It’s just as well pugs don’t need daily baths!I […]

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Pugs And The Alpha Dog Theory – Two Important Questions That Must Be Answered

Hi, everyone. Thanks for visiting. This post entitled ” pugs and the alpha dog theory ” addresses the thorny question, The Alpha Dog – Theory Or Fact.I would like to talk about two very important ideas about your dog in this post.Do you actually need to be the pack leader?Does the leader need to be […]

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Training Will Be A Breeze Once You Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader

​Hey Everybody If you don’t become your pug dogs alpha leader the dog might show some troubling behaviors like guarding furniture or other things in the house.Pugs are actually really good dogs for apartment living however, they are not easy to train. Here are a few tips that you will find useful.Pugs are very smart […]

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The Right Way To House Train A Pug Puppy

house train a pug puppy

​Hi, Everyone.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Let’s take a look at the right way to train a pug puppy.House training puppies is a favorite search over most search engines today. I can promise that house training a Pug puppy will involve a few headaches.Brace yourself for a rough and […]

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Disciplining Pugs The Positive Way – No Unfair Punishment

​Hi, everyone thanks for joining.Today’s topic is “disciplining pugs the positive way.”A perfect little Pug will be calm around other pets, friendly to everyone especially children and quiet and well-behaved around the house. The dog will be keen to come when called at the dog park and a real saint when out walking on the […]

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9 Common Pug Health Problems To look Out For

​Hello everyone if you’re a pug owner, or thinking of adding a pug to your family, you’ll want to know all about common Pug health problems to look out for.Pugs have become extremely popular however this hasn’t been coupled with an increased awareness about the Pug health problems that we should look out for. “There […]

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How To Choose A Dog Bed For A Pug

how to choose a bed for a pug

​Hi, everyone.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Let’s take a look at how to choose a bed for a pug.Pugs are famous for their uncanny ability to sleep just about anywhere. They are also able to sleep through just about anything. It doesn’t matter how many exciting things are happening […]

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Sure Ways To Stop Your Pug Barking Up A Storm

stop your pug barking

​Hi, Everybody. In this post, we talk about sure ways to stop your pug barking.I know when you got your dog your friends told you that Pugs don ‘t often bark. Yet, your little friend barks all the time. He barks at everything.My aim here is not to stop your Pug barking altogether; rather to […]

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What’s The Best Place To Buy A Pug Puppy?

tips for anyone buying a pug puppy

  Hi, everyone. Here are a few pointers on the best place to buy a pug puppy. If your pug you buy is genetically unhealthy from the start there isn’t all much that you can do to improve its health condition. If you really want to make sure that you are getting a healthy pug, […]

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Vaccinating Pug Puppies – What Shots Will My Puppy Need?

vaccinating pug puppies

​Hi there. What shots will my pug Puppy need? Well over the last few years there has been a lot of differing opinions about the best way to go about vaccinating Pug puppies.The truth is that puppies can get deadly diseases even when they have had their shots at an early age.Talk to your vet […]

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