Training Will Be A Breeze Once You Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader

become your pugs alpha leader

Hey Everybody If you don't become your pug dogs alpha leader the dog might show some troubling behaviors like guarding furniture or other things in the house.

Pugs are actually really good dogs for apartment living however, they are not easy to train. Here are a few tips that you will find useful.

Pugs are very smart and eager to learn new things a trait that normally stays with them throughout their lives. This makes them a favorite of performers because the dogs are generally willing to take on the task of learning new tricks.

Perhaps you remember the unforgettable scene in the movie "Men in Black" where Tommy Lee Jones has the discussion with the Pug who is actually an alien in disguise.

Getting your pug home for the first time will be exciting It can also become really stressful and tiring. Once the initial fun has died down you get faced with the problem of housebreaking your new pet.

Believe me, Pug training is not the most simple task in the world. You will have to establish a routine and be really consistent with your Pug training. If you don't, your new friend will begin to regard himself as your leader or your alpha dog.

While they are not aggressive dogs, pugs can be firm about their need to guard, simply because nobody else has stepped into the role of leader.

Pug training will be far easier once you've established you become your pug dogs alpha leader.

Stubborn Little Pugs

become your pugs alpha leader

I know, pugs look really cute and adorable but they are also one of the more stubborn breeds. Brace yourself for the long haul. Eventually getting your little pug to master potty outside will feel like one of your greatest accomplishments.

Prepare yourself for a rocky relationship with your darling little pug. All the Pug training will be worth it someday so just don't quit. Give it your best shot.

You will have to exercise a considerable amount of patience and time for this kind of dog training. It's going to take some time before you can finally have your pug following basic commands like sit, down, leave or come.

Pug Training Tips

become your pugs alpha leadert

The use of treats is very important in Pug training. Nothing is free. Your dog will work for food.

The good news is that these dogs are very intuitive. Use a pleasant tone of voice while training and praise your dog when he executes a command correctly.

Pugs believe that they are the most important people in the world When your praise your Pug for doing something right you really need to go over the top with it. Give your dog a tasty treat if she behaves well. You want her to feel like she's done a really good job and it is a behavior worth repeating.

Scold her for bad behavior or when she refuses to obey a command.

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Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader

become your pugs alpha leader

Baby pugs enjoy playing a bunch of different exercises, including fetch, chase, and hide and go seek. Most baby pugs can play for hours, then they are more than content to snuggle up close to you on the chair and enjoy TV.

This is why some owners find it hard to stay mad or angry when their pugs behave badly. It just so easy to fall in love with her for simply being so adorable. Being soft with your pug early on will only make him more stubborn.

You have to become your pug dog's alpha leader so that she will follow your commands.

Don't cave in to those puppy looks or he will assume that his bad behavior is OK with you. You can always turn soft on him when your basic Pug training is in the past.

How did becoming the dog pack leader help you with your dog?

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