Get The Best Leash For Your Pug

best leash for your pug

Hi all, I thought you might find scrolling the web looking for the best leash for your pug a little overwhelming.To help you make the best decision for your little dog I decided to highlight a few of the most common types.

Having control over your dog on your walks is essential for a happy dog and a happy owner.The right type of walking equipment can help.

Actually, I was looking forward to spending some quality time out on the walk with Gizmo this morning, but after a brief romp around the yard, he was ready to go back inside and take a nap.

Looks like he's not in the mood for enjoying nature this morning. Maybe I should try again this afternoon.

Leash Basics

1.0 The Standard Dog Leash

Your standard dog leash is normally a matter of taste and comfort. When you're choosing a leash you can choose leather, nylon or cotton. Leashes come in any color or design you fancy.

I suggest a classic 6 foot leash for laid-back, happy-go-lucky dogs without any major behavior problems.

The longer the leash, the less control you'll have over the dog. Most leashes are 4-6 feet long and include a looped handle at one end to give you a good grip.

If you never have problems on the walk, this will be the best leash for your pug.You will be able to keep your pug safely at your side and out of harm's way.

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Highly Recommended

Strongest 6ft Leash

2.0 Harnesses

Dog Halter Harnesses are a great tool. They are comfortable and pugs adjust well to them. A dog harness will relieve the pressure that a collar can put on a dog's neck. This is the best leash for your pug if he has breathing problems.

3.0 For Pugs I Favor a Back-Clip Harness

With a back-clip dog harness, the ring the leash clips onto is on the top of the dog’s back. Back-clip harnesses are the most agreeable kind of walking equipment for Pugs to adjust to.

These harnesses are especially useful for these small dogs with delicate throats easily damaged by collars. Back-clip harnesses are best for calm dogs that don't pull on the leash.They provide little control if a dog has behavior issues.

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The Reason I Recommend These Harnesses 

  • They're easy to put on and comfortable to wear.
  • The leash won't tangle under the dogs front legs as often as with collars or front clip harnesses.
  • They protect the fragile neck areas.
  • Back clip harnesses with decorative patterns and cute embellishments are available online.

3.0 The Retractable Leash

A dog retractable leash consists of a thin cord wound onto a spring-loaded device inside a plastic handle. As your dog walks away from you, the cord unwinds. When he walks toward you, the cord retracts. A button on the handle allows you to control how much of the cord can be extended.

I know people like retractable dog leashes because they give dogs more freedom to explore their surroundings on a walk. In my opinion, these leashes have many drawbacks and can even be dangerous.

Drawbacks To A Retractable Leash

  • You have minimal control over your dog. Even if you pay close attention to your pug, he may still get far enough away from you to run into traffic. He/she may be injured or killed, or rudely jump on people or other animals.
  • There's no way to quickly retract it If your dog gets into trouble with the leash fully extended If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people don’t get a retractable leash.
  • He might get into a situation with another dog or jump up on an elderly person or small child.These issues can be easily controlled using a non-retractable leash.
  • Retractable leashes are known to cause your dog's body posture to send the incorrect signal to other dogs. His pulling at the end of the retractable leash sometimes appears to approach dogs as a sign of aggression. This could spark a dog fight.

Bottom Line: I don’t recommend these leashes because they give too much control to the dog and not enough to the handler.

4.0 Reflective Dog Leashes

A reflective classic dog leash is a must-have if you enjoy walking the dog late afternoons or after dinner.

So many car accidents that happen on the road. Please take all the necessary precautions that you can to keep you and your little pug safe.

These reflective leashes normally have a reflective stripe running their entire length.They can be seen in the headlights on the darkest nights. The instant the headlights shine on your dog, the dog can be seen. Motorists will see you and your dog on the road.

The next time you are choosing a leash consider a reflective leash. It may save the life of your little friend.

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5.0 The Bungee Dog Leash

A Bungee leash stretches. Runner tubing is used to make these. Some may just have an elastic section. Bungee leashes help control a dog who pulls on a leash.

The flexible material helps control dogs who lunge by using their own strength against them by pulling them back toward you as they leap away.

My own opinion is that the best way to stop your dog pulling is to train him to walk nicely on a loose leash.

6.0 The Long Line

A dog training leash is usually made from leather or nylon long lines vary from 10 to 60 feet in length.They are generally used for dog training.

These allow you to be some distance from your dog and still keep control of him so he can't run off. Be certain to use a long line in safe areas like a field, not near a bustling down town street.

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7.0 The Slip Lead

These slip leads are OK when you don't have another leash available. I don’t recommend them for daily use. This lead looks like a standard flat leash, except it has a metal ring on one end instead of a clip.

You pass the handle end through the metal ring forming a loop. Then you put the loop over your dog's head. If you pull the loop tightens around your dog's neck.

Take Care! Do not use these as your day-to-day leash. You may damage your dog's windpipe or neck, or even strangle him.

Leash Materials

The best leash for your pug will more than likely be made with nylon or leather but there are other materials available. Here's some pro's and con's of each kind:

Cotton Web An inexpensive, medium-weight material strong enough for most dogs. It's comfortable to hold.If your dog chews on his/her leash it may not last very long.

Nylon Web A bit more durable than cotton. May not stand up to a chewer. This material can be a little rough on your hands.

Leather Quality leather leashes stand up to the strongest dogs and there's no problem with chewers.These leashes are more expensive but they last longer.

Dog Collar Basics

An everyday classic dog collar is a matter of taste and comfort. You can pick from a nylon dog collar, real leather dog collar, or cotton collar in any color or design you prefer. Every dog should have a comfortable dog collar that they wear .The collar should include a tag with your contact details. This will help if your pug gets lost.

How To Choose The Right Size Collar

To choose the right size collar, wrap a measuring tape around the base of your dog's neck. It should be loose enough that you can slip two fingers comfortably underneath the tape.

Puppies grow very quickly.It's important to adjust the size of his/her collar as they grow up. Check the collar’s fit often during your pugs first year of life and periodically after that.

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One Last Thing

For dogs who lunge and jump, you can opt for a shorter leash that will give you extra control. You could also choose a leash with a second handle that allows you to switch to a closer grip in certain situations.

If you're still unsure about the best leash for your pug, talk to your vet or a professional trainer.

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