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best training guide for Pugs

Hey, everybody. Daniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training is the best training guide for Pugs that I have found on the internet.

Formerly titled Sit Stay Fetch, it's helped countless dog owners to solve their dog’s unruly behavior.

Daniel Stevens is the well-known author of Secrets To Dog Training. This dog training guide teaches you everything you need to know about owning a dog.

It takes you step by step through some of the most frustrating problems dog owners face including barking, biting, digging, aggression, over exuberance and separation anxiety.

Susan Caruso

My husband and I adopted Jack (a one-year-old male Pug/Chihuahua mix) three months ago from a shelter (we are his third home in a year) and to put it mildly he was 20 pounds of terror-- dominate, nipping, chewing and also had separation anxiety issues. He quickly earned the name 'Jack The Nipper'.

I read a couple of books about dogs behaving badly but felt that I needed a step-by-step approach to correct Jack's unpleasant behavior. I researched the internet and came across Secrets to Dog Training, which I quickly downloaded, printed and read in one evening.

I immediately started with the Alpha Dog lessons and got across to Jack that I am the Alpha Mommy. I had no idea that doing something as simple as making him sit before I put his bowl of food down would make a difference in how Jack viewed me.

Jack has made great progress. His has become confident, less anxious and likes to practice commands every day. We still need to work on a few areas, but it's only been less than three months! Jack is much happier knowing that we are the pack leaders who protect, feed and love him.

I recommend Secrets to Dog Training to everyone who has a dog as a companion. I have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without yelling or intimidating. Thanks Dan for writing such a great learning tool!

Best Training Guide For Pugs 

best training guide for Pugs

This is the best training guide for Pugs for anyone who wants to acquire the skills to teach their own dog.

What you will learn is that dog training is all about knowledge…… Knowing what the issues are with your dog, how you should respond to your dog’s misbehavior and above all, how to correctly encourage and reward good conduct.

Secrets to dog training covers everything that you will learn from months of working with a professional dog trainer. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TRAINING YOUR DOG.

Every step of your dog training depends on building your relationship with your Yorkie. What you want is to be in a position of authority every step of the way.

Once you have completed the guide, you can rest assured that your Yorkie will listen and obey your commands.

John & Jackie Robson

Secrets to Dog Training helped us understand why our dog was behaving in certain ways. By using the training techniques outlined in this manual we now get a full nights sleep (no crying & barking in the wee small hours), and every morning we come downstairs to a clean floor with no accidents to mop up.

Her behavior on the lead is much better now too. Taking her for a walk is a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. No more tug of war all the way to the park; No more straining at the lead; No more tripping over her as she spins like a top whilst barking at every passing car.

Secrets to Dog Training has been invaluable to us in getting Cassie to be the well-behaved dog that she is now. The training methods are kind and make sense to even first-time dog owners like us.

After you have watched the demo I’m sure you will be able to see why this guide is so often recommended. It's the best training guide for Pugs on the internet.

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Have you ever used Sit Stay Fetch? Perhaps you have purchased other training guides. Let us know what you consider the best training guide for Pug puppies


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