How To Deal With Pug Separation Anxiety Issues- 8 steps

Pug separation anxiety

Hi, everyone.In this post, I ‘m going to explain why it’s happening and how to deal with Pug separation anxiety issues, gently and quickly.Pugs with separation anxiety often whimper, bark, chew to handle the extreme fear of being left on their own. Separation anxiety is a common occurrence. It’s completely normal. It simply means that […]

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What The Hand Books Don’t Tell You About Pugs As Pets

pugs as pets

​Hello, Everybody and welcome to the blog.Today for anyone thinking of getting a new puppy I will be looking at Pugs as pets.People quite often go out and acquire a Pug, only to discover later it’s not the dog for them. These dogs can be bossy, stubborn, and naughty. People living with pugs soon come […]

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Why Pugs Like Hoarding Things

why pugs like hoarding things?

​Hi, guys thanks for all those lovely comments on the blog. I really appreciate all your support. Have you ever asked yourself why pugs like hoarding things?We struggle in our house with the mysterious disappearance of socks, caps, shoes, pens, and pencils, and a variety of other stuff. We’ve always suspected our little Pug might […]

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How To Recognize And Treat Pug Dog Allergies

pug dog allergies

​Hello, Everybody and welcome. Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Today I am taking a look at how to recognize and treat Pug dog allergies.There are three main causes of allergies. The food allergy, flea bite or insect allergy and the airborne allergies. If your little Pug is coughing, sneezing […]

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Riding With Pugs In Cars Just Got Easier

pugs in cars

​Greetings, everyone. In this post, we will explore some simple things to do to make sure that riding with pugs in cars is trouble-free. A safe and happy experience for everyone.Summer is the perfect time for cruising with your favorite pug! Our pugs are crazy about car rides and are great road trip companions. As […]

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How To Help A Pug Having Difficulty Breathing

​Hi there, thanks for visiting the blog! This post is to show owners how to help a pug having difficulty breathing.Many owners enjoy and laugh at the silly sounds their pug-nosed dogs make.Owners should be aware that this audible breathing can be indicative of a far greater problem. Quick Navigation Why Pugs Often Have Trouble […]

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12 Reasons To Buy A Playpen For Your Pug Puppy

buy a playpen for your pug puppy

Hello everyone, why not give your little pug a safe haven and buy a playpen for your pug puppy. It will be one of the smartest purchases you can make. A puppy playpen is a truly practical addition to your home.My dog Judy is one clever little pug. She’s learned where the food and her […]

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My Best Dog Training Course For Your Pug – Perfect Pooch Train At Home System

best dog training course for your Pug

​Hello, Everyone. If you are looking online for the best dog training course for your Pug, look no further. Dana Gallagher has developed an awesome training system “Perfect Pooch Train At Home System.”Having a one or more of these little clowns can be one of the most enjoyable friendships or it could be one of […]

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Pug Origins Revealed – A Short History Of The Pug Breed

pug origins

​Hey, everyone. With those almost impossibly large bright eyes and a button for a nose, the pug’s mug seems to simultaneously express that it has the weight of the world on its shoulders and a desperate need for love. If you have one of these dogs then here are some pug origins that may surprise […]

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Best Training Guide For Pugs – Daniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training

best training guide for Pugs

​Hey, everybody. Daniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training is the best training guide for Pugs that I have found on the internet.Formerly titled Sit Stay Fetch, it’s helped countless dog owners to solve their dog’s unruly behavior.Daniel Stevens is the well-known author of Secrets To Dog Training. This dog training guide teaches you everything you […]

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Best Toys For Bored Pug Puppies? My Personal Favorites

best toys for bored pug puppies

​Hi everyone today I am going to look at the best toys for bored pug puppies. I will give you my favorites.You’re home after a tiring day at the job. You’ve stood all day, and now you are looking forward to relaxing in a pair of slippers. You look for your slippers, only to find […]

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Understanding Pug Behavior – Living With Pugs

Teaching your pug puppy to ‘drop it’ and ‘leave it’

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog. Today we will be looking at pug behavior.If you are ever feeling down a pug is the perfect solution for lifting your mood! Their limitless enthusiasm is definitely contagious. I mean who could stay upset when faced with a bright-eyed companion overflowing with happiness like this little pug?I […]

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