12 Reasons To Buy A Playpen For Your Pug Puppy

buy a playpen for your pug puppy

Hello everyone, why not give your little pug a safe haven and buy a playpen for your pug puppy. It will be one of the smartest purchases you can make. A puppy playpen is a truly practical addition to your home.

My dog Judy is one clever little pug. She's learned where the food and her favorite treats are kept. She often just sits and stares longingly, hoping treats will fall from those high shelves. It’s a good thing she’s too short to sneak in there and raid the pantry.

12 Reasons To Buy A Playpen For Your Pug Puppy

1.0 Your Dog Is Chewing

If your brand new puppy is chewing your expensive couch every time you leave the room. Don 't wait for puppy training before purchasing a doggy playpen.

Put your little pug in his playpen when you are unable to be with him. That way you will be able to stop the destruction while still be giving him plenty of space to move about.

2. Potty Training

The best puppy exercise pens can be a great help during potty training.Just put the pen over tiles or a cover of some kind and stop your dog from making a mess on your carpet.

3. A Place Of Her Own

A playpen gives your little associate a sense of territory and ownership; it's his space.

4. Pug Privacy

Puppies feel that they won't be disturbed and this helps them settle down and fall asleep.

5. Independence

Confinement will teach the puppy to spend time on his own. This reduces the pain of having to deal with separation anxiety when you need to go out. An outdoor exercise pen for dogs is a useful addition for Pugs that like to be outside.

6.Teach Your Pug Not To Bite

One of the best reasons for purchasing a doggy play pen is that you can use it to help teach him/her not to bite. Play with your little pug inside the puppy play pen. When he bites you, yelp loudly and step outside for the area for a while.

Repeat this process when your dog bites. After a couple of days, you will notice that pup bites less and less. He doesn't want your playtime to stop.

buy a playpen for your pug puppy

7. Reinforcing Pack Leadership

Giving your dog its own small piece of territory. This will help you prevent your dog from trying to usurp your place as the pack leader. He will understand that this space belongs to him while everything else is yours.

8. When Friends Come Over

Having your dog in a play pen when friends come over allows them to get acquainted without having to fear what they might see as an unpredictable animal.

9. Giving You Time For Chores

A play pen helps keep your dog from getting underfoot while you're cooking.

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10. For Obedience Training

Buy a playpen for your pug puppy and teach him that whining, barking or biting doesn't get your attention. Being quiet does. Simply turn away and don't talk to your pup while he's in his outdoor dog pen demanding attention.

When he is quietly playing on his own, praise him, give him treats. Take her out for a quick cuddle, play games with them. Whatever makes them happy.

11. Separating Noisy Dogs

My wife uses the doggy play pen to separate our two dogs when they get too rowdy.

12. Controlling Noise Anxiety

To prevent her chasing a mop or vacuum cleaner.

One Last Thing

I love not having to shout "No! Bad dog!" the whole time. Nobody enjoys nagging. You and your dog will lead a happier life if you don 't feel the need to shout No! every few minutes.

God Bless You

Richard S.



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