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Stop Your Pug Jumping Up On You

stop your pug jumping up on you.

​Hello, again, everyone. Today we’re discussing how to stop your pug jumping up on you.When dogs greet each other, they get ‘nose to nose’. Sometimes they exchange a lick on the face, ears, or neck. They then try to sniff each other’s privates.This is normal canine behavioral. Your dog just does not understand why his […]

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Best Training Guide For Pugs – Daniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training

best training guide for Pugs

​Hey, everybody. Daniel Stevens Secrets To Dog Training is the best training guide for Pugs that I have found on the internet.Formerly titled Sit Stay Fetch, it’s helped countless dog owners to solve their dog’s unruly behavior.Daniel Stevens is the well-known author of Secrets To Dog Training. This dog training guide teaches you everything you […]

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Teaching A Pug Puppy To Stay – 5 Easy Steps

teaching pug puppy stay

​What’s Up Dude?Hi, everyone. We’ve been covering basic training in the last few posts so please join if you are interested.Teaching A Pug Puppy To Stay may well be a bit more difficult than other commands because your Pug will naturally want to follow you when you walk away from him. Quick Navigation Teaching A […]

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Teaching Your Pug To Come When You Call – 4 Easy Steps

potty training pug puppies

​Hi, all. Lets talk about teaching your pug to come when you call.Calling your Pug puppy and getting him to come to you may seem a relatively easy thing to do. You simply call the dog’s name and he comes running over. You give him a delicious treat and that’s all there is to it?I […]

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Teaching Your Pug Puppy To Drop It And Leave It

Teaching your pug puppy to drop it and leave it

​Teaching your pug puppy to DROP IT and LEAVE IT can prove to be very valuable. You will have a lot less chewed or slobbered on belongings, and prevent your puppy chewing or swallowing toxic stuff.You may be able to prevent resource guarding altogether by turning the entire experience into a game.Teaching your pug puppy […]

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Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit – 4 Easy Steps

teaching pug puppy sit

​Hi Everyone thanks for visiting your blog.Take your pug to a quiet area so that there will be no disturbances. Once you’ve got her paying attention you can get started teaching a Pug puppy to sit.Sit is one easiest commands to teach your little Pug.All The Steps For Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit1. Take […]

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How to Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader – 5 Easy Steps

become your pugs alpha leader

​Thank you for visiting our site.Today we are discussing how to become your pugs alpha leader. Your Pug refuses to go into his crate? Runs away when you call? You just discovered a puddle or maybe some thing even worse. Percy ‘s got you chasing about like a headless chicken?Pugs are pack animals. This means […]

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Join The Best Dog Training Membership Site For Pug Owners

best dog training membership site for Pugs owners

​Hello, everyone. Thanks for all your opinion on the recent posts. Today I will be introducing what I believe is the best dog training membership site for Pugs owners.If you’ve ever searched online for helpful dog training you will know there’s a lot of products available today. The unfortunate thing is that people still find […]

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Pugs And The Alpha Dog Theory – Two Important Questions That Must Be Answered

Hi, everyone. Thanks for visiting. This post entitled ” pugs and the alpha dog theory ” addresses the thorny question, The Alpha Dog – Theory Or Fact.I would like to talk about two very important ideas about your dog in this post.Do you actually need to be the pack leader?Does the leader need to be […]

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Training Will Be A Breeze Once You Become Your Pugs Alpha Leader

​Hey Everybody If you don’t become your pug dogs alpha leader the dog might show some troubling behaviors like guarding furniture or other things in the house.Pugs are actually really good dogs for apartment living however, they are not easy to train. Here are a few tips that you will find useful.Pugs are very smart […]

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