7 Clever Ways To Cure Your Pugs Stinky Breath

cure your pugs stinky breath

Hello, Everyone.Nothing ruins a cuddle with your dog like a sudden blast of halitosis.Today I'm going to explain the cause of bad breath in dogs. We will then look at 7 clever ways to can cure your pug's stinky breath.

Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs are the prone to periodontal and other mouth diseases, largely because their teeth that are close together. Problems could range from an infected tooth to tumor, perhaps even kidney or liver disease.

If you are faced with this problem try not to jump to conclusions. Your vet will be able to decide the cause of your dog's bad breath.

Recent studies have shown that after the age of three, 70+ percent of dogs will have signs of periodontal disease. The reason for the offensive odor in these cases is bacteria that coalesce as plaque and cause irritating gingivitis.

Don’t mask the issue. It could blind you to something far more serious. Avoid doggy mouthwashes or mint-flavored treats. Being proactive with regard to your Pug's oral hygiene may be the only way to cure your pug's stinky breath.

Pugs are especially prone to dental plaque and tartar so you will need to take good care of their mouths. If the cause of the whiff is a dental disorder, other warning signs will become clear. These may include: Pawing at the face and mouth, red swollen or bleeding gums, loose teeth or severe drooling, which may include
traces of blood.

How To Cure Your Pugs Stinky Breath

1.0 Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Brushing your Pugs teeth is the best way to prevent dental health problems that are the cause of your dog's smelly breath. Dental chews like cut some of the plaque buildups, but should be used as a complement, not a substitute, for the toothbrush. If you need help getting your pug to accept his tooth-brush read on!

2.0 Prevent Your Dog Eating Bad-Smelling Foods, That Includes Garbage

Part of the reason your dog’s breath will smell like crap is, that he’s eating it. Pugs are natural scavengers. Eating feces is natural for them. If you have pussy cats, that litter box is like a dessert tray for your little friend. Always keep it somewhere only the kitty can get access.

3.0 Rinse Out Doggy Food And Water Bowls Regularly

Suppose you had to eat from the very same plate for days on end. Pugs tend to slurp water. This deposits a good amount of grass and food in the process. Empty your dog bowls at least twice a day. Food, bacteria and other yucky stuff accumulates in no time. I like to use to stainless steel dog dishes that are easy to clean. In my dog's playpen, I have a Bergan Gourmet to make sure that the dogs can have clean water throughout the day when I am out.

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4.0 Dry foods are less likely to cause bad breath than wet and/or human food, so give him some kibble that is dry, particularly those without corn. Some canned dog foods, dry food high in fish oils or food that's too hard to digest can have a serious effect on your dog’s breath.

5.0 Give Your Dog Some Dog Chew Treats

These will help clean your Pugs teeth due to chewing. I don’t feed my Pugs real bones. They often splinter and can crack your dog’s teeth.My dogs like Nylabone chew toys.

Hot Tip! Senior dogs whose teeth aren’t very strong anymore should be given softer treats than normal ones

6.0 You Can Try A Few Kitchen Solutions.

Margosa leaves, coriander, dill, or peppermint leaves can be slipped into your little friend's diet as a natural mouthwash.

7.0 A Tongue Scrubbing Option Like Orapup Could Do The Trick

Foul breath often comes off the tongue, rather than the teeth.There is an all natural enzyme fighting paste you apply with a special brusher. These work together to grow the good bacteria on your dog’s tongue without affecting the natural defenses present in your dog’s mouth.

"Pugs either love or hate this solution for curing their bad breath. To use it, place some of the beef and bacon Lickies on the brush and let your dog lick the tasty flavor away. Some dogs are wary at first and then eventually give it while others are not into it at all. If your dog isn’t having it, try placing his favorite treat on the brush and setting it down. This may help him feel more comfortable with it. We do suggest that you try it a few times with your pup before you give up. For the dogs who have liked it, their parents say it will cure your Pugs stinky breath." Amazon Review

This results in a delightful experience for your dog and fights odor creating bacteria in the mouth minimizing smelly breath.

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Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Pugs of all ages should have a brushing routine. It should be introduced during puppy hood. The older a dog becomes, the more uncooperative they’ll be.

Dental care should be something your dog comes to expect each day. But it won't happen overnight. Most dogs take some time getting used to someone poking around in their mouth.

Don't become stressed if you just realized that your little friend's teeth need some attention.Take a slow, patient approach. Lots of love and tasty dog treats will go a long way in winning him over.

Most experts will agree that daily brushing is ideal, but if that's unrealistic, aim for two or three times per week.

Introducing Your Pug To The Tooth Paste

1.0 Let your Pug taste the toothpaste before you brush. Do this is by putting a small amount of toothpaste on your index finger and letting him smell and taste it.

2.0 Right after your Pug has sniffed the toothpaste and is used to its taste, begin using more toothpaste on your index finger. Carefully touch his gums, so your little friend can get used to the feeling. Now, gently rub the dog toothpaste all along the gum line.

The perfect time for brushing is after a good walk right before bed when your dog will be most relaxed. Check your dog’s mouth before you brush. Be certain that his gums are pink and not bleeding. Look for any broken or chipped teeth. If you notice any of these, take your little associate to your local veterinarian for a check-up.

Apply a bit of dog toothpaste to his dog toothbrush. Allow your pug dog to lick it off. Begin with brushing one tooth using a forward and backward motion.

Progressively up the number of teeth brushed by one tooth per day.

Jeff Mitchell Writes

"Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do for a pug puppy with stinky breath? I brush his teeth at least every other day and am trying to do this more often. He does not have access to the litter box and because I work from home and he's my shadow, I can safely say he's not pooping anywhere/eating stool. I live in an apartment, so he's not outside unless he's leashed, and because he'll grab everything, I'm super watchful about what's on the ground so he doesn't eat something harmful or just plain gross."

Do you have any techniques you used to cure your pug's stinky breath? If so, feel free to share them with our readers below.

"In my lap, I had my dear little pug, the smell of whose ears will always be sweeter to me than all the perfumes of Araby and the scent of heliotrope combined." Kathryn Davis

God Bless

Richie S.


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