Help! – My Adolescent Pugs Behaving Badly

adolescent pugs behaving badly

Hi Everyone how many times have I heard " Help! My Adolescent pugs behaving badly.

Pugs also go through their teenage years (thankfully over in months, not years).

When your little friend about six months old, just when you’re finished congratulating yourself that your brand new family member has settled in comfortably and has stopped gnawing everything in sight, she will begin to show signs that she’s quickly developing a mind of her own.

She’s been a very good dog but you have noticed a change in her behavior lately. These days when you call her she's taking her own sweet time to respond.

Common Problems 6-8 Month Old Pugs

how to stop a pug puppy chewingHi we are going to look at how to stop a pug puppy chewing

Your brand new shoes have become her chew toy. He doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between right and wrong things. Punishment for this behavior would be your foolish. He will just get confused and may not even know the reason for being punished.

Just because it's cute and tiny, doesn't mean it should be allowed to get away with everything. A single look from this cuddly pooch can melt the heart of many adoring doggy owners but training should never ever be set aside.

Owning a spoiled dog can be a burden. It will make things harder for you and the Pug.

Having it run around and entertaining everybody is nice, but once it starts to display pug behavior problems you are losing control. Between 6 and 8 months, just before your pug is fully adult, you will have to set up exercise, training, and stimulation.

Adolescent pugs behaving badly are not a sign that they have forgotten what you have taught them. They are not showing their true characters. It's just one more learning phase.

The Munchies

adolescent pugs behaving badly

Adolescent humans and adolescent pugs have one thing in common…they are constantly hungry.

If teenagers can consume unimaginable amounts of food, so can teenage pugs. Young pugs can eat and 5 minutes later, as you eat something yourself, they can look so pitifully like they've never had a meal. You may wonder how they can be so brazen.

Pugs are hungry and greedy dogs that tend to eat more food than they need if it's available. This can result in obesity and heath issues associated with being overweight.

While most adult dogs should be given one or two meals in a day, Pugs should be offered food two to three times a day. Smaller portions should be made available so that the dog eats only a specific measured amount. Go easy on those tasty dog biscuits!

Okay, so now we have a bit more information on the difference between the male pugs versus the female pugs. Males seem to be a little more laid back, adaptable to whatever your lifestyle may be. A go with the flow type dog.

On the other hand, the female pug seems to be a little more dominant. The protector of her domain.

A female pug marches to her own tune and is a little smarter when it comes to training.

Male pugs can be a little more affectionate and eager to please. Female pugs prefer to hold back on their affections until they think you're ready to receive it. If not given a pack leader these dogs can become a bit willful and stubborn and begin to display adolescent Pug behavior problems as well.

A Well Trained Pug Makes For A Happy Household

Just like having well-behaved children, a well-trained pug makes for a happier household. Making the time to understand why your adolescent pugs behaving badly will reinforce the bond you have together. This will guarantee a long and successful friendship where you and your dog benefit.

If you have had problems with adolescent pugs behaving badly please leave a comment in the box below this post. I would love to hear from you.

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