The Right Way To House Train A Pug Puppy

house train a pug puppy

Hi, Everyone.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Let's take a look at the right way to train a pug puppy.

House training puppies is a favorite search over most search engines today. I can promise that house training a Pug puppy will involve a few headaches.Brace yourself for a rough and rocky relationship with your cheerful little Pug.

Although they look totally precious and lovable, they can prove to be very uncooperative when it comes to house training.

Prepare yourself for a long haul before you can finally get something from them. When you are done, simple routines like being able to potty outside will feel like a great achievement.

It will all be well worth it someday. Keep working at it and give it your best shot.

House Train A Pug Puppy -Two Cardinal Rules

The way to house Train a Pug puppy comes down to:

1.0 Preventing mistakes.

2.0 Praising her as if he's a queen when she goes in her designated elimination area.

No matter how crazy the problem may look, it is always cured by the prevention of undesirable behavior and rewards for good behavior.

Now you're a proud owner of a furry four-legged creature who is full of unconditional love that will be with your family for years to come. Awesome! However, a pug puppy can cause havoc on your home, yard, and neighborly relationships.

You will have to learn how to house train a new pug puppy if you want to keep up your happy home.

Pugs Live To Please Their Owners

If you are consistent in your commands your pug will start to associate certain behavior with you being happy and other behavior with you being sad. They live to please their owners. The correct approach to house training a pug puppy, combined with professional dog obedience training, will make sure that your newest family member will fit right in.

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By often taking your pug pup outside to an appropriate elimination area, you teach him where he should go., You help him/her view the house as a living space that is not for soiling. Beware... dogs are creatures of habit and it often only needs just one incident to form a new habit.

The first thing your puppy will want to do when you get him home is to pee. The movement and excitement of being in the car may very well stimulate the puppies bladder. He might even pee in your car so have a towel with you. Before you even take him into the house take him to a designated elimination area. Stay with him there until he's peed.

Teaching your pug to go to a specific area won't be all that easy. You will have to go with the dog to a spot you have chosen in advance.

Let's hope that your pug thinks it's a good idea as well.

Your most successful spot will be somewhere the dog has already eliminated. Once your pug finds a place he likes, he will continue going in that spot.

A Crate Can Make House Training a Pug Puppy A Pleasure

It takes a little longer to house train a pug puppy compared to some other breeds.

This suggests that whatever solution you choose to start house training a pug puppy will take a little longer than you imagine.

You can house Train a Pug puppy sooner of you use a dog crate. Canines normally don't want to tarnish their sleeping location.The crate conditions them to hold it in until they are in the right area (and it is typically in the backyard). I highly recommend that you buy a pet pen to house your puppy when you are unable to be with him.

Pug puppies should be kept safe in a confined area or a wooden dog crate when you aren't home.

Don't let them become bored. Leave some dog chews in the crate when you go out. Playing with your pugs when you're home, creates a bond with them.

Once you have forged this bond it will be easier for you to get your dog to obey your commands.Pug puppies like to chew their beds. Be sure to get something that's durable. Spend some time in every room with your pup until he views it as his living space.

Pug Puppy Potty Times

  • First thing in the morning
  • Following a nap
  • Last thing at night
  • After chewing on a chew toy
  • Right after playing
  • When the dogs finished eating
  • After drinking

When you are house training a pug puppy try not to give him an opportunity to make a mistake. Dog owners sometimes wonder how their dogs are able to sleep all night without an accident but cannot last four or five hours during the day without having to go.

At night-time, their metabolism closes down. There's less stress and more stimulation. In the day metabolism is up and fully functioning and thus excretions are more frequent. Also during the day the dog ingests food and water and Input=Output

Teaching Your Pug To Eliminate On Command

1.0 As you begin taking your dog outside tell him "outside. We are going outside."

2.0 The minute your dog starts to go in the chosen area tell him "good potty, good potty, good potty, good potty "If this potty chant has a clear strong tone it becomes a command that elicits a conditioned response. Later once the dog knows the command you say "go potty" and it's like a light bulb going on in his head.

3.0 If you see your pug scratching at the door, acting antsy, circling or sniffing start the chorus "outside." When your pug has made the connection between potty cues and "outside" he will learn to let you know when he needs to go.

Avoid Using Dog Treats

Potty training is the one area where I find treats to be distracting and not helpful. The dog gets sidetracked by the treat. A dog who gets a tasty dog biscuit when he eliminates will learn to urinate a small amount just to get his reward.

Perhaps you can share a few ideas in how to house train a pug puppy?

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” Charles M. Schulz


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