How To Keep Your Pug From Drowning This Summer

keep pugs from drowning

Hi Everyone, today were talking about how to keep your pug from drowning this summer.

A dog pool ramp or set of dog pool steps could be a life saver for your pug if you have a swimming pool.

According to the American Pet Association around 45,000 pets die in drowning accidents every year. The swimming pool can pose a real danger to your little pug if you don’t take a few precautions.

Can Pugs Swim?

The shape of the dog's body and head size are two main factors if you want to know whether or not your Pug can swim.

If your Pug is "pear-shaped" his chest wider than his hips?) he's a "pear" shape! The odds are he will not be a good swimmer. If he is more "rectangular" shaped (chest and hips about the same) then he'll be able to swim for short periods of time.

Most Pugs swimming experiences are best left to wading pools and sprinkler systems. Not really swimming, but it's another way to keep them cool in summer!

Keep Your Pug From Drowning

keep pugs from drowning

When a pug or other animal jumps or falls into the water, they can swim for a while. Sometimes they can't find a way out and drown from exhaustion brought on by sheer panic or fatigue.

Installing a pet ramp or set of dog pool steps may just be keeping your Pug from drowning.

Regardless of how careful you are, accidents do happen.

It's a really smart idea to get a dog pool ramp or set of dog pool steps. Dogs and ladders generally do not go together.Your pet will quickly learn this is the easy way out of the water. They will use the steps whether you are in the pool or not.

The dog will instinctively swim to this area. Stairs have non-slip grips and no gaps for little paws to become stuck. The folding pet ramp extends into the water so that your dog will be able to just walk up and out.

Merrill Markoe, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down

“Maybe this is kind of cliche, but animals, well, dogs, are what I do for a living. One reason I like spending time with them so much is they seem to think people are really good. They live with us and obey our rules, most of which make no sense to them. And the main reason they do it is because they like us.

When I watch them, sometimes I'm so blown away by how enthusiastic they are about everything we do that I have to go out and buy them something squeaky or chewy.

Just because I love proving to them that it's not a mistake to see the world as a great benevolent place. I hope one day to react to something with as much pure ecstasy as I see in Chuck's face every time I throw the ball.

Sometimes he looks so happy, it reminds me of the way blind people smile way too big because they can't see themselves. And if none of this links to anything in you, well... I think you don't know who I am.” Merrill Markoe, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down

One Last Thing

Dog pool ramps and pool dog steps are effective safeguards. They give you the peace of mind you deserve. Not to mention a dog life jacket another essential item if you want to keep your pug from drowning.

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Dog Can Scamper Up

The death of a dog can be as difficult to cope with as when a family member passes. The sense of loss and the onset of depression is just as real.

Be a responsible dog owner and provide for their safety. Installing a ramp or steps for your dog to exit the water is a logical step this summer.

“Whoever said you can't buy Happiness forgot little puppies.” Gene Hill

God Bless You All

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