Potty Training Pug Puppies – 12 Easy Steps

potty trainingpug puppies

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for all your amazing feedback you are an inspiration! Today I am going to give you 12 steps to potty training Pug puppies.

I am often asked, " Is it difficult to potty train pug puppies?" Well, It should not be and it's not.

Is This A Typical Morning With Your Pug?

I wonder if you can picture anything more annoying than this? It's a beautiful morning and you've just got up. You go into the living room to discover that your darling pug has pooped. He/she has rolled around in it!

Hmm....you will have to clean it up and you 're going to be late for work again today.

Now you take the pug puppy out into the garden for a pee. A couple of moments after coming back into the house Wendy makes a little sprinkling on your brand new rug. Aargh!.

Honoré de Balzac

"He's got his dog trained so that it only does it on newspapers. The trouble is it does it when he's reading the blasted things." 

Potty training pug puppies will make things a lot easier if you know exactly what to do.

Here are a few logical steps that you might not have come across. Let me give you a few tips on potty training a pug puppy.

Potty Training Pug Puppies - 12 Easy Steps

potty training pug puppies

Pugs Bucket List

Pug puppies need time to develop a "den" instinct so they will want to 'hold it' and not soil their den ( your entire house). In the litter, pups just go when and wherever they happen to be!

Potty training Pug puppies depend upon your diligent supervision so you can be there to show your them where to eliminate.

1.0 Stay Calm

A pug puppy is never completely house trained until they're about 6 months old. You could be making fantastic progress house training but there will be "mistakes". Stay focused on the progress you are making.

Try to avoid taking out your frustration and disappointment out on your new little associate. The minute you let yourself to become annoyed you really put a spanner in the works. Screaming at your pug won't help calm down her down and obey your demand that she defecates in the garden!

2.0 Rubbing Her Nose In It?

All of that rubbish about rubbing your pug's nose in it is just plain old-time advice that’s totally out dated. Anybody who stoops to this kind of thing has completely missed the plot.
Think it over…Why did your pug pee inside in the first instance? She had to go. Right? She was keeping it in, most likely bursting, needing to go and so she figured “Hey, I gotta go pee…like NOW!” If your front door is closed what would you expect?

3.0 Your Little Pug Is Not Revengeful Or Trying To Make A Point

If her nose is rubbed in it she still won't understand where she should go. Disciplining your girl for doing the business in the sitting room will only be telling her that this is not the place to go. Try somewhere else

4.0 Playpens and Crates

If your little pug is not sleeping in his crate or the doggy play pen I recommended in this post, you will have to follow him/her around to know what they are doing. In fact, don't take your eye off him/her! If you cannot watch them continuously, put them back into the play pen or crate to prevent potty training "mistakes".

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5.0 Den Instinct

Your pug puppy has to develop his natural "den instinct" and learn exactly where to eliminate - and where not to. When potty training Pug puppies we must condition a desire in the pup to avoid soiling the "den" - your house. Your Pug has to be directed where to go. She needs training.

6.0 Do Not Free-Feed

That is, do not leave food out all the time. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Your pup's elimination schedule will become random at best.
  2. He/She will not necessarily associate you as the provider of her food.

Always leave water out for your puppy. I use a Bergan Combo that can not fall over so that my dogs are always well supplied.

7.0 The Chosen Spot

The key to house training is preventing "mistakes" and rewarding the puppy for going in your chosen spot.The more time you spend with your little friend, the quicker he will be house trained. Your aim is to take your puppy to his toilet area every time he needs to eliminate.When your pup does eliminate in his toilet area, offer praise and reward profusely and enthusiastically!

Simply pick up your puppy and take him/her to the designated toilet area, setting them down and praising them for going where you want.

Taxi your pup this way until he is around 3 months old as this should give the pup enough time to develop some bladder and bowel control. By doing this, you will prevent many mistakes. At the same time, you will train a strong preference in your pup to eliminate in your chosen spot.Your puppy will also learn that being picked up gets lots of kisses!

8.0 When Should You Take Your Puppy Outside?

1.0 Immediately upon your puppy waking up (morning, noon or night).

2.0 Immediately after they finish eating, get a big drink of water, and after excited play

3.0 When you think they might have to go - about every 45 minutes.

4.0 When your puppy whines in that wooden dog crate in the middle of the night or whines in their pen during the day. Take them out to potty, reward them for going and put them right back. If they continue to whine, see our article on whining and crying.

5.0 When your puppy is standing at the door to the outside. Why not just let them out, you say? Well, he may not make it all the way to the toilet area, potty or poop in the "wrong" place and you have missed a house training opportunity!

9.0 Focus On Your Objective

The single biggest mistake people make with potty training pug puppies is quitting too soon. It's no use doing this for a couple of weeks and then stopping. We often tend to forget. We become fed up, run out of dog biscuits or just could not be bothered. Try placing a jarful of treats in the garden near the potty area so there are always be some available.

10.0 Reward Your Pug Puppy

That’s the right way to go. For as long as it takes! I can't imagine anything else that will encourage her more than giving her a great tasty dog snack as soon as she is finished. Try and get the treat into her mouth within a few seconds so that the association with peeing in the right place will not be missed.

The Ah-Ha moment is when she thinks… “So if I do this on the grass my human will give me a lovely tasty treat?” “OK…Deal!”

potty training pug puppies

Whats Up Dude!

Judy used to love grand adventures, exploring the far reaches of our garden to uncover the most interesting sights, sounds, and scents. This is her enjoying the jungle that was our backyard before the first mowing this spring. Some of the dandelions were even taller than she was!

11.0 Time And Perseverance!

Let's focus on that for just a second. Your pug may perhaps be as young as four months! At that age, a child cannot even lift her own head. We get aggravated because our little pug hasn't mastered her potty training. Breath deeply and chill. Your dog is completely normal.

Keep your Concentration on the success stories and put the odd mistake behind you. Don't go beating yourself up. Every new owner experiences the same difficulties potty training pug puppies.

12.0 The Carpet

I must say that this makes me smile because it's what occurs all the time.....Here 's the scenario…
Your Pug finds an ideal dense part of the carpet. To her, it feels fantastic, a bit like the lawn and feels like a best place to go wee. Sadly this is your brand new, thick, snowy, shaggy pile carpet and it's practically impossible to get the marks and smell out of.

Even after meticulous cleaning, Wendy can still smell the pee and poop and so now it even smells like an okay place to go. Now your beautiful plush shaggy rug has become an incredibly expensive toilet pad. Your best bet is to lift it and put it back down in a few months time in perfect shape.

Have a few bottles of dog odor spray and Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine.

Place these in a central or multiple locations in your house with paper towels.

No spots, no marks, no remorse.Trust me Don 't gamble! It's a slippery slope.

One Last Thing

House Training At Bedtime And When You Wake Up

Just before going to bed and turning out the lights, taxi your little pug to his/her potty area. Reward and praise as always for eliminating. Put him/her in the dog crate next to your bed and turn in for the night.

First thing next morning, I take mine out of her crate and taxi to the potty area. Return her to her dog exercise pen until I'm free to supervise without distraction. Feeding is usually next . I feed my pup breakfast around the same time each morning and then it's back to my schedule.

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