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Pugs And The Alpha Dog Theory – Two Important Questions

pugs and the alpha dog theoryHi, everyone. Thanks for visiting. This post entitled ” pugs and the alpha dog theory ” addresses the thorny question, The Alpha Dog – Theory Or Fact.

I would like to talk about two very important ideas about your dog in this post.

  • Do you actually need to be the pack leader.
  • Does the leader need to be aggressive.. In other words, do you have to beat your chest, yell and smack your dog to become the top dog.

Your answers to these basic questions will decide the kind of relationship you can expect to have with your pug, right away, and for life.

Those That Support The “Alpha” Viewpoint


In their natural state, dogs are pack animals. They are related to another pack animal, the wolf. What most dog owners fail to understand is that even at home you are part of a pack.

Other family members, a few other dogs, even a cat are all part of the pack. The pack leader is the one who will make all the decisions.

Dogs are only concerned on two things in their life, these are food and play.

All Dogs Regardless Of Breed Are Pack Animals

When looking at pugs and the alpha dog theory bear in mind that these dogs consider their owners and all the people inside the house to be member of their pack. Most pugs who express dominating conduct actually don’t want to be the pack leader.

They ‘re assuming the role with reluctance merely because you aren’t taking it on and there has to be one. No matter what is happening with your dog you will be needing to put the animal in its place in the hierarchy. You will need to prove your own strong leadership of your pack or family.

People Who Refute The Idea Of A Pack Leader


Should an owner try to be the ‘Pack Leader’ to his dog? That is impossible, since your dogs know perfectly well that you are not, in fact, a dog. But even if you were, the whole concept of ‘pack leadership’ in domestic dogs as it is commonly understood has long been dismissed by trainers, veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists and modern behavioral science.

Must we give leadership and guidance for our dogs? Of course.

Is it necessary to force them to be ‘submissive’ to us and view us as a ‘dominant’ figure in their lives? Suppress their supposed natural instinct to take over our relationships, our households and our world? No.

Pugs And The Alpha Dog Theory


pugs and the alpha dog theory

Somebody didn’t get all her beauty sleep yet and wasn’t ready to wake up. Let me introduce my very own grumpy pug. Fortunately her grumpy moods don’t last very long.

In some households there are dogs who seem determined to please their owners. They always seem to do whatever their owner asks without question. They ‘re so easy to train.Their owners are quite sure that it’s all due to how skilled they are as teachers.

You may even have friends like this;

Your pals have this incredible, obedient dog and you can’t quite fathom how.

The owner doesn’t seem to you to do anything different. In fact you are a little pissed that your pug is causing so many problems.How can it be this way? Well, allow me to let you in on a secret. The fact is this.. It usually has nothing at all to do with how good the owner is.

Some dogs are simply easier to train than others.

That’s it!

Make Sure You Are The Pack Leader

Pugs And The Alpha Dog Theory. I Guess Here’s Where I Nail My Colors To The Wall !

Believe me if you have an easy dog then you can get away with a lot and many people do. These people believe that they are remarkable with dogs. They’re certain they know precisely what they’re doing. They are constantly giving out tips and advice about how they do it when they just have a very easy dog!

The secret to training  dogs is to make sure that YOU are the pack leader in the home. Then will they listen to you.

Dogs are very smart, but some dogs are stubborn.You have to know what you are doing to train them successfully. It’s a lot harder to train your pug if you don’t know what you are doing.

Kind of sucks, hey!

How Will You Know If Your Dog Is Boss?

Perhaps your dog imagines that he is the pack leader if he is making the decisions.

Pugs are well known for some of the adorable faces they make,They are masters of the puppy dog eyes! Who could say no to a face like this? We certainly couldn’t. Let’s be honest here about who really rules the house of a pug owner.

Our dogs love being close to their owners. They are very cuddly dogs who love to be on your lap or close at your heels. There’s no such thing as personal space in a pug’s eyes!

Our Pug Has A Serious Staring Problem.

She takes that uncomfortable level of eye contact to the next level.We don’t mind. We know we’ve found our biggest fan and couldn’t be happier with our brown-eyed girl.

If your dog is exhibits this kind of dominant behavior he is in need of an immediate attitude adjustment to avoid of an escalation to aggression.

Perhaps its beginning to make sense why you might be having difficulty. It’s like trying to swim upstream the battle never ends, they never give up, and you’re worn-out.

It’s all because in your pug ‘s mind you’re not the pack leader YET !

But hold on. Here’s comes the good news. I can help.

I have recently discovered a wonderful resource which demonstrates how to become the pack leader in the most fantastic gentle way. But let’s consider the next point before I tell you where this excellent solution can be found.

Does The Leader Of The Pack Need To Be Aggressive?


Is it necessary to force them into being ‘submissive’ to us. Must they view us as a ‘dominant’ figure in their lives. Is it going to be necessary to suppress their natural instinct to take over our relationships, our households and our world? 

Not at all.The best leaders are calm and consistent. They’re firm but fair. There is no ranting, no screaming, no hurtful behavior, and no need for smacking. All those options that used to be associated with being the pack leader years ago are old school today.

Old school dog training used to advocate physically domination. There was plenty of force and confrontation and this would often turn ugly.

Good Leaders Win their Dogs Mind 

The most effective dog training is where people learn how to actually win their dogs mind in a calm and gentle way.Their dogs accept them as the pack leader through choice, and not fear.

Don’t be reluctant to pull rank on your Pug once in a while.

If he’s always taking one particular side of the couch, make him move towards the other side and take the place where she previously sat. If she tends to hog your bed’s cover, roll him off. It may somehow seem a little mean but this will help establish a chain of command which is very vital.

Your Pug Will Be Happier When You Are In Charge


It’s highly recommended that we give them the right messages, instead of applying human psychology. 

Of course, the best part is providing love and affection. That’s the gravy.

When you are in tune with your pug and you understand where he is coming from there’s no place for anxiety or aggressive behavior in dog training.

If you are struggling then the chances are that your dog does not see you as the pack leader.

One Last Thing


I hope that I have given you a little insight into pugs and the alpha dog theory. Of course I fully support your right to have an alternative view. Do you have any comments about this page that you’d like to share? Please take a moment and share your thoughts, ideas, comments, or suggestions for everyone to read.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ” Roger A. Caras

God Bless

Richard S.




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