Riding With Pugs In Cars Just Got Easier

riding with pugs in cars

Greetings, everyone. In this post, we will explore some simple things to do to make sure that riding with pugs in cars is trouble-free. A safe and happy experience for everyone.

Summer is the perfect time for cruising with your favorite pug! Our pugs are crazy about car rides and are great road trip companions. As long as you don’t forget to bring the travel snacks!

Traveling in a car can be rather unnerving for some dogs and it's worth putting a little thought and time into helping your dog get used to a car while he/she is still a puppy.

How To Get Your Puppy Used To The Car

You want to make sure that your dog loves going for a car ride.

The best way I know to do this is by starting with short journeys to the park. Go somewhere the dog will have plenty of fun. Play with your dog for a while and then drive back home.

If you do this two or three times a week your dog will soon associate going in the car with a fun time

Allowing the dog to see out the window will usually mean a happier pooch while traveling.

Car Seats For Small Dogs

For smaller dogs not tall enough to see out a window while sitting, give some thought to providing them with a Lookout Pet Car Seat

These elevate your dog so they can see out the window. You can opt for a seat the accommodates the size of your dog to boosts him just 4-6 inches. Or you can go for a taller lookout type seat that will raise him as much as 6-12 inches.

The best car seats for dogs even have small storage drawers that house the food, water bowls, leashes, or other supplies you might need on your trip.

Dog car seat covers keep your car seats clean while traveling with your little associates.

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Let me introduce you to a face that will guilt you into stopping whatever you’re doing and going for a ride to the dog park! Pugs have impressive powers of persuasion.Then again, who could argue with a little sun and fun with your little associate?

Dog Seat Covers Are A Must

As a dog owner, you will know the sort of damage that can occur driving with dogs in the car. This may include scrapes, scuffs, rips, stains, puddles, dribbles, and unpleasant, lingering odors.

At the same time, dogs can create dangerous driving conditions if allowed to roam freely inside the car.

The latest dog seat covers for cars are specifically designed to shield your upholstery from your dog's sharp paws and teeth.

At the same time, it also ensures a slip-free ride for your journey. Yes, they restrict your dog from sliding off the car seat when you stop abruptly or make a sudden turn.

You can get a hammock pet seat cover for all types of automobiles. Fitting them is a breeze.This means there will be no damage to your car seat cushions if your dog pees during your trip.

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Taking Pugs in Cars Just Got Easier

riding with pugs in cars

Bumpy Riding Pugs

1.0 Riding with pugs in cars requires a few common sense rules.Never let your dog in the front seat especially if your car has airbags.They can be seriously injured if the air bag deploys. Dogs love to sit next to their owner in the front. For their safety, put them in the back seat. If you don't have a car seat or a cover I suggest you use a pet safety harnesses to keep your dog safe. They hook right into the seat belt.

2.0 Dogs can get very excited when reaching a destination. They will want to hop straight out of the car the moment you stop. It can prove tricky to get control of them at this juncture. Your dog is fired up and could easily just run into the road.

3.0 Do not leave a dog in a car in sunlight. Even if the temperature outside is moderate. Cars are airtight and become hot inside. If you have to leave your dog in a car for a short while, park in the shade with at least one window partly open.

4.0 Car sickness may be a concern when transporting dogs in cars. This is less likely in dogs that are used to car travel since they were puppies. It can still be a problem in some dogs.

Make sure that your dog can see out of a window and that there is fresh air - open a window.If it is still a problem, a vet can recommend car sickness products and dosages.

Riding with pugs in cars should never be a distressing experience for your dog. It should be fun and a good way to bond with your dog.

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One Last Thing

I’m sure you can't help smiling when you see a happy dog hanging his head out of a car window.

It's because of this joyful sense of freedom that it's so hard to convince their owners that their dog would be equally happy tethered. It may be even harder trying to convince the dog!

These days with more pets traveling by auto, law enforcement agencies are campaigning hard for seat-belt harnesses, car seats and other restraints for dogs.

Safeguarding your dog while traveling is the responsible thing to do.

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“Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.” Dave Barry

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