Sure Ways To Stop Your Pug Barking Up A Storm

stop your pug barking

Hi, Everybody. In this post, we talk about sure ways to stop your pug barking.

I know when you got your dog your friends told you that Pugs don 't often bark. Yet, your little friend barks all the time. He barks at everything.

My aim here is not to stop your Pug barking altogether; rather to control nuisance barking.You will not necessarily want your dog to keep silent when you need him to warn you about a danger to you or your property.

You do however want the Pug to quit yapping when you have friends around, at the mail man or when you have to leave him home alone.

The good news is that with the correct training your dog's nuisance barking can be much reduced.

My Pug Barks All Night!

If you want to stop your Pug barking at night, you need to find out what’s causing this kind of behavior.

The most common cause is sheer boredom.

It's not normal for dogs to sleep through the night. When they wake up and have nothing to do. They feel the need to connect with other dogs in the neighborhood by barking their heads off.

Intriguing and challenging dog toys will help to relieve his boredom. It's not necessary to give your Pug a lot of dog toys. Its more important to change them often.

Stop Your Pug Barking At Strangers

Perhaps your Pug gets a little crazy when you are out walking and a stranger approaches. He’s super protective of you. He feels that the other person is a threat to you so he races to your aid. He does not know that it is the mail man. He’s barking to frighten away intruders.

Petting and speaking softly to him may calm him down. If you shout or raise your voice he will become more agitated.

Barking At Sudden Noises

When your dog barks when telephone or doorbell rings it's his way of letting you know that some things different.

He barks when he hears the neighborhood dogs barking. When he keeps on long after they have stopped, you may have a problem.

Speaking Is Not Nuisance Barking

stop your pug barking

If your dog is being a little TOO vocal you have tools to stop it. "Speaking" is not nuisance barking.

Perhaps you want a chatty dog? Certain dogs will talk your ear off if given a chance.

Remember barking in a dog is a natural (or trained) means of communication!

However with certain breeds, training your dog to "speak", as delightful as it starts out, may open a Pandora's Box.

You are never going to stop your Pug barking altogether. The dog is going to want to express himself no matter what you do to inhibit noise in the house.

Separation Anxiety

stop your pug barking

If your little friend has anxiety issues, nuisance barking could be a sign of something bigger. He is missing you and trying to reach you. He will bark until you get home.

You might have unintentionally rewarded him for this behavior before. You came home, your dog raced to greet you, so you immediately give him some attention.

Instead of rewarding your Pug pay no attention to him for ten minutes or so. After a while, the dog will stop associating your return with a chance to get attention.

How To Curtail Nuisance Barking

Keeping your dog busy does not give him time to get bored. Schedule a play time where you can spend quality time with him. Dogs are social animals and they need to interact with you.

Substituting another activity the minute your Pug starts barking helps to curtail the excessive barking. Give him a toy or engage him in some type of play activity.

Another way to curtail Pug nuisance barking is to make a loud noise by dropping a heavy object. This startles the dog and interrupts his barking.

Squirting your dog with a water pistol, shaking a can containing small stones, or blowing a whistle all get his attention. Anything that creates a distraction will serve to stop your pug barking.

I never recommend anti-bark collars although they can be very effective. I don’t like the idea of inflicting pain!

How To Teach Your Pug What Quiet Means

You will need to catch your Pug in the act and then tell him " quiet. " Keep on repeating the word until he shuts up.

You will more than likely have to repeat "quiet" several times before he understands that he has to be quiet while you are saying the word. The minute your Pug stops barking when you say the word "quiet " reward him with a tasty dog treat.

If you don't happen to have one on hand start with a great big hug and make your little pal glow with pride.

That’s it for pug nuisance barking.

Have your neighbors ever complained about nuisance barking? Mine Have!

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

God Bless You

Richard S.

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