Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit – 4 Easy Steps

teaching a Pug puppy to sit.

Hi Everyone thanks for visiting your blog.Take your pug to a quiet area so that there will be no disturbances. Once you've got her paying attention you can get started teaching a Pug puppy to sit.

Sit is one easiest commands to teach your little Pug.

All The Steps For Teaching A Pug Puppy To Sit

1. Take a dog treat between your index finger and thumb with your palm facing up.

2. Allow your Pug to smell or even lick at the treat.

3. Tell your Pug "sit" and raise your hand slowly over his head, allowing him to follow the treat with his nose.

4. As she begins raising her head, her rear end will start to lower toward the floor. As soon as her but touches the floor, tell her "good sit" and give her the treat.

You should hold the treat just high enough to get her to sit.

If it's too high she will jump up and try to reach the treat.

Once your puppy has mastered the first steps raise an empty hand, bending at the elbow.

Use this hand signal and the verbal cue without a treat in your hand. Practice slowly but surely exchanging the treat for just a hand signal.

The last stage teaching your pug puppy to sit is to just use a verbal cue.

Watch This little Pug Go!

One Last Thing

Teaching your pug puppy to sit

Always reinforce and reward this or any other command at the exact moment it occurs.

If your pug puppy won't sit after a few tries you can physically help her into the sit position. Of course, it's a lot better to use a hands off option.

Try using a dog snack as a lure while tucking her butt under. Again the second her bottom touches the ground tell her "good sit."

That's all for teaching Pug a puppy to sit now you should move on to "down."

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