Teaching Your Pug To Come When You Call – 4 Easy Steps

teaching your pug to come when you call

Hi, all. Lets talk about teaching your pug to come when you call.

Calling your Pug puppy and getting him to come to you may seem a relatively easy thing to do. You simply call the dog's name and he comes running over. You give him a delicious treat and that’s all there is to it?

I wish I could tell you it's as easy as that.

Why Is Your Dog Ignoring You When You Call?

Dogs don't have a well thought out plan to make you seem foolish with other people at the dog park. The reason they don't come when you call is that they just want to hang about where they find interesting stuff.
So If you keep calling your Pug to come and he ignores you, you can be sure that it's because the sounds you’re making don’t mean a thing to him.

So what does“Come Biscuit” really mean to your little pug?

Perhaps it means you're about to do something that's unpleasant? Something like trimming his nails, giving him medicine or a bath. Maybe you're going to lock him up in the house while you go to work? It's better to just go and get your dog without a cue if what follows isn’t going to be rewarding. There's no reason to give a warning if he won’t like what follows.

Now perhaps we can use these points teaching your pug to come to you next time you ask him to.

Teaching Your Pug To Come When You Call - 4 Easy Steps

teaching your pug to come when you call

1.0 Start by teaching your pug to come at dinner time. Or when you want to arrange a game. Get the whole family unit to call him and when he comes each of you give him a tasty dog treat.

Take your starving little pug into the backyard then call him over feed him little pieces of chicken, when he comes. On other days throw your dogs' favorite ball toy. Get him to chase after you.

Dogs always enjoy spending time wherever the fun and the treats are. You should become the one to give the fun and the treats.These activities may teach your dog to come when called. They will make teaching your pug to come way easier.

2.0 Time off-leash should not be when owners stand there like statues while the dogs discover enticing things to do somewhere else. Your Pug will need a little time to run his fool head off. They need to play with other dogs.

When the initial excitement wears off,start fetch or tug games. Take him to areas he finds the most fascinating. Call him to check things out. This may sound like a lot of work buts it's not really. It’ll make those walks more enjoyable for you and your little friend.

3.0 People are often advised that they should not be calling their dog to put him on the leash when its time to go home. The theory is that leashing him punishes him for coming back. It's a good idea to get your dog to do a simple trick when you leash up.Then reward him with a treat.

4.0 The best way to teach a word cue like “Come Biscuit" is to get your Pug to do the behavior you want, then reward him. Once your Pug has mastered a particular task say the cue a few seconds before he performs the behavior. After a number of repetitions, your little Pug will learn to associate your cue with the behavior.

He also picks up that when he hears this cue and performs the behavior. He may get a tasty dog snack or a nice game outside.

One Last Thing

Many dog owners never use these steps to teach their dog to come when called.The Pug never actually learns the point is the cue " Biscuit Come." It’s only another human noise with no specific significance. Your pug may eventually come when you begin to get really angry. Perhaps he has worked out that you’re about to leave when you adopt that tone. Or he just wants to please you because you seem to be in a sudden foul mood and who knows why.

God Bless

Richard S.

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