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Understanding Pug Dog Behavior

pug dog behaviorHello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog. Today we will be looking at pug dog behavior.

If you are ever feeling down a pug is the perfect solution for lifting your mood! Their limitless enthusiasm is definitely contagious.  I mean who could stay upset when faced with a bright-eyed companion overflowing with happiness like this little pug?

I will discuss what to expect with the Pug. Then I will give you some advice to help you to deal with some of the more exasperating aspects of the breed.

Stubborn And Uncooperative


Pugs can be stubborn, independent and uncooperative.

They get bored with repetitive training exercises. As a matter of fact some of their crazy, distracting antics can make training them almost impossible at times.

You’ll need to work hard in the beginning to keep him/her focused. The good news is that, Pugs are always keen to please their owners. If you are consistent and patient you will have no problem training your dog.

Lots of praise can help a lot. Be sure that you do not praise responses that while cute and some times hilarious, are not really the point of your training exercise.

Pugs are food hogs so use dog snacks as rewards to give some added incentive.

Don’t let your Pug puppy do anything you would not want him/her to do as an adult dog. Pug dog behavior like jumping on you, nipping your hands or feet or refusing to give up a favorite toy may be amusing but allowing it encourages negative conduct. This pug dog behavior will continue into adulthood and will be very hard if not impossible to stop.

Destructive Chewing


pug dog behaviorTeething is a brief phase that all puppies go through. If you are not around to supervise, make sure that your pet is either in his Dog Crateor he does not have access to unacceptable items. Ice cubes (either plain or flavored) can help to sooth sore gums.

Destructive chewing can cause havoc around your home. Your Pug may select your belongings or expensive item to destroy.

He/she is not trying to punish you. They select these things, because they smell like you. Paying too much attention to this Pug dog behavior only makes it worse. Punishing your animal tends to focus attention to the behavior.

Pugs chew when they’re stressed,bored, frustrated, or just because it feels good. Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Loneliness can play a big part in this kind of inappropriate chewing. He/she is just missing you. Pugs don’t like being alone.

It is vital that you stop this common pug dog behavior before it gets to be a habit.

Redirect his excessive chewing. When your little associate chews something inappropriately tell him/her “No” in a sharp voice. Immediately substitute the item with a chew toy.

This is my favorite dog toy for destructive little dogs:


Begging Little Food Hogs


pug dog behaviorMost owners agree that Pugs know what they want. He/she will persevere until their owner caves in. Pugs are master manipulators.

No matter what time of day it is, Pugs are always ready for a quick dog snack. Our pug is a master at getting our attention. He’ll and melt our hearts until we share a tea time snack. We’ve decided she has selective hearing for food related words.

Begging is a learned behavior. It’s often the cause of obesity in Pugs.If you give in to them during the first year of puppy-hood, it is likely into adulthood.

Pug owners must establish themselves as the dog’s leader. As soon as you do this your dog will obey commands, listen when you tell him/her “No” and display better manners.

Scheduled, your dogs meals. A Pug should be made to sit before his/her food bowl down.Pugs have a healthy appetite. they never seems to get enough to eat. Reserve dog treats and dog biscuits for training or for reinforcing good behavior.

Put him/her in another room until you have finished your meal. He/she may whine, bark or howl. Don’ t let him/her out until you’ve finished your meal.If you feed him/her from the table, you will never enjoy a peaceful meal again. He/she will sit and watch you eat. He might try pawing or jumping up on your leg. Some will even bark through the entire meal. He/she knows what they want and they intend to get it.

No matter how he tries to manipulate you, do not give in. Your pet is well-fed. He doesn’t need any more food. Just ignore the dog completely. If you or anyone in the family slips up and gives him/her food from the table when they beg, you will have ruined all of your prior training. You will have to begin all over again.

Behavior With Children


This breed gets along very well with children of all ages. If there are younger children who tend to get rowdy it can be helpful to have somewhere your dog can retreat to if he is feeling a little overwhelmed.

Mimicking Their Owners


One of the better personality traits of this breed is the tendency to mimic their owners. They copy head and hand movements.

Recent studies have shown that Pugs are not only able to mimic their owners, they do it automatically.

Pugs are good listeners except when they’re sleeping. Most times I tell mine a lame story. They just sit quietly and occasionally gives me that characteristic pug head tilt.

Pug Energy Levels


Pug puppies like to explore although usually keeping their owners within sight. It s normal early Pug dog behavior to race about, sliding on floors and sniffing just about everything.

The urge to nap can sneak up quite suddenly! One moment your little friend is snorting and pouncing on a toy, the next she’/s sprawled out and snoring loudly. 

There not much more funny than watching a cute pug trying to resist the urge to fall asleep.Pugs are  sleepy dogs,  so this happens often in our household.

Mouthing is one of their main methods of exploration and learning. It’s important to remove small objects off the floor and placed them out of reach.

Adult Pugs are more relaxed,. They are content to sit next to their owner in front of the TV.

A couple of 15 minute walks per day will help to keep your pug healthy. Allow time for water and rest breaks, preferably in a shaded area.

You should never push your dog beyond what he can comfortably handle.

Sensitive Little Pugs


Our family is all too familiar with the persuasive power of the Pug gaze. This heart-rendering stare typically occurs when it’s least convenient. Its time to drop everything and just snuggle with your dog. I usually witness it when i have a deadline (clearly neglecting our play time duties) or when we are all running late and running out the door. Let’s just say Pugs are really good at reminding us what’s important in life. We we can never say no to that adorable face.

Pugs may shiver in a cold house and have trouble breathing in hot, humid conditions. They do best in low-key, positive surroundings.

Pugs can be extremely sensitive to harsh words and tone of voice. How you choose to discipline your Pug will have influence how he/she reacts and listens to you long-term. When owners shout at pugs they sometimes back off emotionally.. It can take a while for their hurt feelings to mend.

Little Clowns


pug dog behavior

I Found It ..Its Mine!

Sometimes, your dog is just being a dog, but his appearance can make normal Pug dog behavior seem amusing. At other times, its is a matter of seeking attention. If your Pug sees that certain actions and make you laugh, he/she will keep doing them to get your attention.

I thought it would be fun to share some silly things pugs do to make their owners laugh.

“One of the cute things he does is pack his stuffed monkey around. he usually destroys stuff but he just nicely carries his monkey around with him all the time. He’s like a little kid.”

“Its pretty cute but kinda icky how every time he eats his puppy chow he gets SO excited and gives everyone kisses afterwards. it’s like he’s saying “thank you soooo much for the tasty food mom and dad!”

“ She makes me laugh because when she’s “really” happy she will straighten her curly little pug tail and wag it as fast as she can.”

“ Right now she’s sleeping on my lap and occasionally her tail will start to wag, then stop, then wag like mad and stop; sometimes uncurled, sometimes curled. It’s very cute. I assume she is having some wonderful dreams.”

“Baby Jethro, at 19 months, still nibbles and “nurses” on my ear lobe.. he also leaps into my lap to lay belly down against me with his front paws on my shoulders.”

“Another funny thing about Hulk is that he has a favorite movie. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I don’t know what it is about that movie, whether it’s the music or all the shooting, but he will sit and watch the thing tilting his head!”

Pug Noises


pug dog behaviorIf you are looking for a quiet dog, it may be better to choose another breed. One of the most endearing qualities of this breed is the silly amusing noises they make. You never know what will happen with a Pug. They’re a joy to Pug lovers despite some of the disgusting noises they make.

This dog is so friendly and comical, it seems that the creator wanted them to be noisy dogs! It is normal pug dog behavior to burp, fart, snort and snore.

One Last Thing


Pugs are loyal and extremely friendly little clowns. They love to play, learn and be part of the family.

They are great with other household pets, including cats. The Pug is a true family dog.

If you are a sucker for a cute face with wrinkles, a dog that shows emotions and an affectionate companion this breed will be a good choice for you.

Do You Love Little Dogs?

Use the contact box below to tell us why you love these dogs. Is it their size, their personality or is it something else. Please feel free to add some pictures too. We love hearing from you and thank you for sharing.

“A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a loopy one like ours. Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart. He taught me to appreciate the simple things-a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a shaft of winter sunlight. And as he grew old and achy, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Mostly, he taught me about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty.”
John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog

God Bless

Richard S.



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  1. I laughed at many of your descriptions. The “drop it” command does result in immediate swallowing! My pugs were littermates, so they are really bonded. They are emotional support animals for me and are my shadows. Being retired, that is ok. When I take them down to the common areas in the community I live in, everyone loves on them and adore them. They never bark when down there, always make sure I am right there with them, and won’t let anyone else take them for a walk. When we are in a group, they always just lie down and go to sleep, with one eye open to make sure I don’t go anywhere. Sometimes, a collar will slip over their round head but being Velcro dogs, they stay right with me. Lol. My one, Bert, likes to christin new places, not peeing but leaving a little present. I fly with them and usually have them in a wagon at the airport but one time, I let them walk. Bert pooped his way into the terminal, about 30 ft. Before I realized it. I had to go back and pick up all the way back to the door. I love my recliner and my dogs love my lap. My ONLY complaint is the shedding! Argh! I tell people to not wear black when they come over! Oh, you forgot to mention anal glands…


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