Why Does My Pug Want To Lick Me?

why does my pug want to lick me

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Hello Everyone thanks for visiting.Perhaps you are wondering " why does my Pug want to lick me? "

Many of us might find pug puppies licking a little disturbing. Our tongues are useful for eating ice-cream or licking icing sugar out of the bowl.We are not inclined to greet a guest with a long lingering lick on the face.

A pug uses her tongue to investigate her surroundings. As a matter of fact to a dog, tongues are as essential as our hands and eyes.

Even when Percy's not licking the freezer, a toy, my face, or someone’s leg, he’s still likely to be sticking her tongue out at something.

Your pug's tongue serves a range of functions including tasting, expressing submissiveness, and letting us know that she values our attention.

So, if you are asking " why does my pug want to lick me?" remember that licking is completely natural. There is nothing to be worried about. The odd lick from that warm, moist tongue on your hands or face is something that you can put up with. In fact, I usually find it sort of cute. Of course, she’s been taught not to overdo it. She’s a pug and has to be constantly reminded.

Pugs do tend to take things a bit far, and that’s when problems start. Nobody enjoys being attacked by a far-reaching, agile, slobbery tongue.

I have seen pugs even chase someone around their house, planting intermittent flurries of affection on toes, ankles and any place else they can reach.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. Ben Williams

Why Does My Pug Want To Lick Me? - It's Puppy Love

Pug puppy owners will confirm the presence of dog drool on their clothing. There’s undoubtedly not much to compare with a gluey patch of drool on freshly laundered hems.When it dries, the physical evidence of your dog's affection is there until the next wash day.

When she plants in a lick on your ear from her vantage point in the back seat on the way to the dog park. Or jumps up and smothers you with friendliness when you come home from the office that’s “Puppy love.”

Pug puppies often lick when they're feeling anxious. If her circumstances are causing unhappiness, she might display obsessive-compulsive behavior. This is where Pugs develop a habit licking you and themselves.

Why does my pug want to lick me? Is the dog not receiving enough attention and exercise? Perhaps she is left inside for long periods when you are away at work.

Pugs need exercising and time off the leash where they can sniff, explore and run about. You might have to make a few lifestyle changes to stop pug puppies licking.

Getting up a little earlier to walk her before work will certainly help. Spend a little extra time with her on weekends. Most of the time your pug puppies licking because she's happy, loves you, and wants you to know right away.

How To Stop Pug Puppies Licking

How To Stop Pug Puppies Licking

If you want to let your pug puppy know that her licking is getting you down, a change of body language will get that message across.

Simply ignore her when you get home. She will soon begin to grasp that you do not like it when she covers you with drool, dog-food particles, and scraps of dirt. Turn away when she licks. Get up and go into another room closing the door. Say “No!”

When you come back in and she starts licking again repeat the process. Don 't pay her any notice, turn around and leave. Tell her “No!” in a disgusted " have you still not got it " tone.

She will not give in too easily. You will most likely have to be persistent before she gets it.

A quick word: people often don’t mind pug puppies licking. When visitors or passers-by greet your pug and they let her lick them, you’ll need to intervene otherwise all your good work will unravel.

Explain what you would like them to do when if your pug dog tries to lick them.

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If you have a pug puppy and are used to being licked and would like to share your experiences with the readers please use the comment box below this post.

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